Pet Policy

Some homes will allows pets, some will not.  These are homes are identified here on our website as Pet Friendly.  Almost always there is a story why certain homes will not allow pets under any circumstances.  Some family member are allergic, pets have ruined items before, regardless, we have identified which homes are pet friendly to help make your choice of homes easier and more efficient.

Pets must be approved, and on your booking.  In the event, the pet is brought in without our knowledge, there will be a 25% surcharge on the total cost of the reservations.  Management reserves the right to terminate the rental agreement immediately without a refund.  We appreciate your understanding.  We know your pet is wonderful, however due to previous events regarding pets, our pet policy is strictly enforced.  Homes which accept pets, there will be a $150 per pet fee.

Properties which DO NOT ACCEPT PETS will be closely monitored.  Any reservation of a non pet property found to have a a pet, that does not allow pets will be charged an additional 25% of the total reservation, plus any actual costs to decontaminate the property from pet dander, hair, etc.

Pets are not allowed on any furniture, beds, sofas, tables, counters tops, baths, showers, etc.  Please bring your pets favorite blanket or bed.

Pets must be healthy and free of fleas.  Pets that are prone to fleas, must be on a flea program.

Owner, you must pick up after your pet, without exception, whether it be on private or public property.  All city ordinances must be followed.

Any damage caused by pets will be charged to guest at full replacement costs. We see unattended pets from time to time scratch doors, which often need to be replaced at guest cost.

Pets are never allowed in any pool, private or public.